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Last time online: Feb 18, 06 PM
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Fav position: all Kamasutra positions! LOL
Sexual traits: Frigid (lol)
Willing to do: torture you (hehe)
Turn on(s): It turns me on when the guy knows how to treat me like a lady. Love to feel his respectful behavior
Turn off(s): I hate pessimism, bad moods & standing still I always like to be the soul of a party and making othe
Why chat with me because I am full of fun
How to surprise me be creative!
How to make me happy Show up in my room with big bottle of Chanel)
The most sensitive part of my body is: brain! (lol)
My favourite hobbies: PERV-ing! Yours?
My favourite drink: tea
My favourite foods: I am not picky , I love all kind of food
The most unusual place I have had sex is: wetdream lol
If I won a million dollars, the first thing I would do is: Will go to private with my favourite model ;)
The places in the world that i would like to travel are: to go into space
My favorite music groups are: Beethoven
Movie(s): old movies
Book(s): KamaSutra ofc
Fashion: classic
Jewelery: Tiffany
Perfume: Peut-Etre Lancome
"sweet    adventurous    shy    joyful    introvert    sensitive    romantic    imaginative    passionate    confident    funny    sensual    flexible in mind    creative    charming    cozy"

About Me

Hello everyone! 

If you are reading this, I guess it means you are interested in me. So let me tell you something about myself so you know where you are... 

My name is Rayne.  I am YY years old and I still believe in fairy tales! I have graduated through University twice.  I like to learn new things and afterwards to pass on this knowledge and to teach others (if they are interested of course, I never impose my opinion). I don't tend to talk too much about myself, during conversation but if you are into it you will figure out what kind of person I am from our chats. My mother once taught me that a woman should always remember that she has one mouth and two ears for a purpose: to listen more and talk less. I was an obedient girl so thats why I have grown up as a good listener.

What am I like?

- I love doing yoga (maybe one day I will teach you some Kama.. positions)

- I adore my pets and love taking care of them  ( I think you already met some of them).

- I love to take my dog for long walk in the park and also to take some funny pics of him.

- I love fashion design and some of my clothes been designed by me.

- I love beauty in all of her manifestations. I love beautiful women and like to help them to look even better by using make-up tricks.

- I love photography, have a great passion to take photos but also enjoy posing. Addicted to selfies (ofc) but shy to post it somewhere. Maybe one day I will be brave enough...

- I love old books, paper ones of course.I like to read them and even to smell them. Didn't you know that old books smell like history?

- I love the long winter evenings. During this time I enjoy looking through the window and watch for falling snow. And stargazing (ofc).

- I love to cook, especially to improvise with my dishes. 

- I love tea more than I love wine. Thats why I never come online without a big cup of tea and chocolate (facepalm).

- I love fresh sheets, silk ones or pure linen. 

- I love old movies as they show us the great styles of life over the years and teach us some excellent qualities and virtues to live by.

- I love fresh air and to feel the dew on the grass with my bare feet. 

- I love perfume and have a big collection of it.

There a lot of other things I love. If you are interested I will tell you later. And I hope you will share some of your secrets with me.

What do I live for?

 I live for the tease, for the taste. There is nothing that get me going better than just knowing I will get what i want after I have worked to have it. The taste of success makes me tingle and excites me to the core. Step into my World and I will show you a lifestyle you have just dream about. I will let you get the taste and make you want more ... of me, of yourself...

Some room rules: 1. I do not do any nudity in public, except special occasions of course. 2. In exclusive chat I am usually more frisky, more teasing, dancing, touching. If you want to have a fun evening, enjoy a nice woman, share some sexy time and laugh - welcome! If you are looking for anything else - continue your search, please. Lets have some chat, fun and get naughty!

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Hello, Mike)


hello sweetheart xx


Happy Valentine's Day, Fred!


Thank you, Mike! Happy Valentine's Day!


Kiss for the most funny Valentine :p


Happy Valentines Day!


Thanks, H3) Pervy Valentine"s Day to you)))


Happy Valentines Day!


Youploupl, bru? What language is it?


How perfect that even some girls love Youploupl I think?


Thank you, Drella! I had a lot of fun too)


Thank you Fred! Kiss


Thank you Princess. All events are fantastic. Sooo funny and sexy.


Very Great time, lot of fun and good energy, kisskiss Miss.


Thank you, Mike)


OMG Drella! You did it! I still can't remember that without tears in my eyes and loud laugh)))))


Rayne you are beautiful xxx


Dear Rayne, you write in the biography : 'How to surprise me: be creative!' Dear Princess, I hope I am / was creative. ;)


Hello, smith)


And on other? Old and ugly?