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Trouble Shooting

Q: None of the streams are working on my desktop pc?
A: Make sure you have Adobe Flash Player installed and have your browser updated to the latest version.

Q: The stream is still not working after the suggested changes?
A: For Chrome go here to accept flash, for Safari go here, for Firefox go here, for Edge go here

Q: What is the best browser to use?
A: We recommend using the latest Chrome browser.

Q: Cam 2 Cam not working?
A: Follow this link to test and allow access to your camera.

Who are SeventeenLive.com

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How Can I join?

Anyone can join SeventeenLive.com. All you need is a functional email, a valid credit card and creativity to create a unique username and password. How does the chat work? Once you joined the site you have access to the member area. After you enter the member area you'll see a list of girls who are online at that moment.

How to chat?

To chat with model you need to enter a chatroom. Here you can chat and watch the model of your choice. You can chat in the window that's located on the right side from the model stream window. By the default the chat is set in whisper mode. It means you see only your and model's messages to turn the function off left-click on the model name and select WHISPER OFF. Once deactivated, others will be able to see your messages too. On the top right corner you can see various options. Here you can mute other chatroom members – Mute Button; Follow the model – Notification button ON or OFF; or re-size the stream window – Screen Button.

How to tip?

1. Direct Tipping
On the bottom of the chat window you have various options how to reward your favorite models. You can either tip various amounts, or use one of our 5 pre-selected tip functions: Spank, Kiss, Love, Hug and Tickle. Each of them will cost you a credit once clicked.

2. Indirect Tipping
You can send tips to your favorite girls even when they are not available. Just visit their profile page and prepare them a little surprise for when they first come online.
You also have the possibility to tip anonymously from any model's preview page. You will enjoy her reaction and keep your identity a secret!

3. Make it Rain!
Our Brand New Interactive Toys Feature! Never done before, you now have the possibility to select up to 5 girls that use an interactive toy and view all their streams in one single page. But that's not all! You also have the power to make it rain with credits, meaning you can select an amount of credits you want to send to each of the selected girls, and once you hit the big green button, you will see them go grazy all at once!

4. Gifts
You also have a possibility to send gifts to the models. Click on the Gift Shop icon that's located on the bottom of the Chat window and select one of the options.

Model Info, schedule, photos and recordings.

Under the Chatroom window and Model stream you can find a model's profile and model's schedule together with the model's pictures and recordings.
Model profile – Here you can find more info about your favorite models. Feel free to leave comments under the model's profiles. If you follow the model you will receive a notification email every time the model is live. The models can be also contacted by Private Messages and you can send her text messages and pictures all free of charge.
Schedule - On the right site of the site you can find the calendar where you can check dates and times when is your favorite model online. Universal calendar, with all the scheduled models, can be found in the calendar section.
Photos – Under the calendar four model's pictures are available.
Recordings – You can find model recordings right under the Model Stream and the Chatroom window. Recordings are selected parts of the shows recorded by models. You can buy the recordings with your credits. The recordings then get saved in your profile section and can be watched again.

What are the advanced chat modes?

Within the model stream (bottom left corner) you can find various advanced chat modes. All the advanced chat modes cost ADDITIONAL credits.
Premium Chat – Chat with a model, watch her on cam and have some fun! The default price for the premium chat rooms is 1 credit per minute.
Private – This option allows you to privately talk to a girl, or have a private show. Other members can "peek into" (1 credit per minute) the show at any time. The option costs 2 credits per minute by default, but can be adjusted by the model.
VIP 1 on 1 - This option allows you to exclusively talk to a girl and have a private VIP show. No one else will be able to peek into the show. The option costs 3 credits per minute by default, but can be adjusted by the model.
Cam 2 Cam – This option is completely free in VIP and/or Private chat. It means that you will be able to talk with the model privately and also see each other (in the case you have a webcam installed).
To test your own cam without being in a girls room go here.

Custom user settings

Once logged in, you can customize your profile as you desire. Click on the icon on the right side of the top navbar and then click the "My Profile" button. This will take you to your account page.
On the right side of this page you can edit your nickname (add up to 3 and select one that you want to be displayed inside the chat), allow or block private messages from models (on/off toggle) or set the order of the models on the LIVE page to display your girlfriends first before all others (on/off toggle).
The left side of this page is split in the following tabs:

1. Girlfriends
You can view or remove the models you added as Girlfriends (girlfriends are displayed on the LIVE page with a icon in front of their name).
To add a model to your "girlfriends" list simply view her profile page, scroll down to her profile description and set the "Add Friend" toggle switch to "ON".

2. My Dates
If you have planned one or more upcoming dates with any of the models, you will be able to view those dates here.

3. Notifications
Here you can see the models you currently get notifications for. Once the model goes online you will receive a notification email. You can manage your model notifications from their profile page by turning notifications on or off with the switch.

4. Recordings
Here is the complete list of the recordings you have bought. After purchasing a recording you can watch it here as many times as you want by clicking on thumbnail.

5. Snapshots
Here you can view a collection of your favorite snapshots of the girls behind the webcam.

6. Wall Posts
Wall posts that you've created are automatically added here, so you can track replies and read your posts back later.

How to buy credits?

To buy credits left click on Add credits on the top of the site, select the package that fits you the most and process the payment.
Small amount of credits (25 credit package and 50 credits package) can be added also directly from the chatroom. Just click on Credits, pick your package and confirm.
The credit balance can be checked in the top right corner, right next to the account button, or in your account overview.

What does my membership cost?

Your account is 100% free of charge and can be used for the rest of your life. We DO NOT charge a monthly fee. In case you do want to cancel your account (even though it is free of charge) you need to contact our support department. You can always drop us an email at support@seventeenlive.com


In case you have any questions please email support at: support@seventeenlive.com