New Badges Overview Page!

December 05, 2017

Hey Guys,

We created a special page to help you keep up to date with the Top 10 in each badge category! Ain't that cool? ;)

On this page, you can check the standing of your sweetheart or simply find out which model is the best in each category. The overview will help you find new girls based on their results as well as helping your favorites reach new levels.
What are you looking for? A girl with most camming experience, a sweetheart with many recordings made or a girl calling her TipToy her best friend? You find them right here.

The badges are an expression of recognition. They are also a great way for the girls to explore what they are good in and show their audience what they've accomplished :)

You can find the link to the overview on each model's bio page. Click here to navigate directly to the badges page and enjoy!

XX Cessi

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