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Hallo Roshi,
mein Lieblingsblondinchen, so spät wie Du kommst, so schnell bist Du wieder weg. Ach Süsschen, ich glaube, um mit Dir pvt gehen zu können, muss man möchglichst schnell sein, und darf nicht nicht lange nachdenken, wie ich es tat. Egal.... es ist schön, daß es dich gibt.... Hubi
Really a fine performance today.
Thank you.
okay pippetto if you think so ...i must say! probably roshana is not a girl for you
It has been being for 5 months that she does "fake" PVT with her buddies and pals.
Frankly, it seems to me that it has become a joke... I don't like to be fooled by them.
For that reason i keep saying...that's all I can do right, right?
I know it's disturbing.. but cut me some slack, okay?
continue to criticize some of her attitudes but you are always here to follow her. if you like roshana take what she give you
hi pippetto (Take a look at Roshana's latest live indicative of what i mean) ..I do not understand what you mean. but according to you when this person brings roshi to pvt for an hour what should she do: do not talk to him? send it away?........ and then guys ... as I said other times if the way to do roshi you do not like do not follow her anymore... what is the problem
Take a look at Roshana's latest live indicative of what i mean...
she has turned this site into a call center...
pippetto i told you so long ago..... i do not blame roshana for this. for her this is work and if he likes to spend his money like that .....she can not send it away
she is going to fall asleep ..hahahahaahha
fantastic PVT !!!
pippetto can bet on it!
They are ridiculous ... we are in an adult site...not in a phone box..
but he pays a lot...and they are happy...only their two...
pippetto...... eccolo è arrivato ahahahahaha
Thank you all for the wonderful birthday wishes! made me smile a lot. I wish u all health and happiness and long life for you and those who u love!! Kisses Roshi
Happy Birthday Roshana, lass es Dir gutgehen.
alles gute zum geburtstag
On your special day, may everything you want in life beat a path right to your door!
Happy Birthday Herzlichen Glückwunsch Roshana, alles gute zu deinem 24 Geburtstag :)
Es wäre schön wenn du bei Gelegenheit vielleicht deinen Kalender updaten würdest, fande die 2 Private Shows damals sehr schön und lustig
Alles erdenklich Gute und viel Gesundheit zu Deinem Geburtstag mein Engelchen.Bleib wie Du bist und feier schön mit deinen Freunden und der Familie.Ich hoffe Dich bald wiederzusehen.
happy birthday,da luciano.kissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
This is in eply to Bi58UK Trust me, Roshana is 100% Female, and a damn fine one too :)
Roshana, one question: Please don't take this the wrong way, are you a Trans Gender Female? I asked if i could see your pussy tonight and you said you don't show pussy. I'm confused! :( Please don't take it the wrong way, i am a sincere person and wouldn't mean to harm anyone in any way, and i mean that sincerely x
We were dozens of people very enthusiastic...
we waited for hours and and now what we have to see?
once again nothing....chatting in PVT with the same..for hours...
Way to ruin the moment, Roshana.
He bust our balls!
Please not Tonight!!!
...I must admit... I'm speechless...
Tonight: nothing but praise for Roshana!
Man, that is some next-level stuff!
grazie roshi
She is like an angel.She come to earth whenever she wants and we all are waiting for this moment.
Wäre trotzdem nett wenn Du den Kalender genauso pflegen würdest wie deinen perfekten Körper.Ich vermisse dich mein Engelchen.
Hallo Süsschen,
geht es Dir gut? Manchmal wünsche ich mir, Du würdest etwas in Deinen Kalender eintragen und Dein schedule wäre gepflegt, also
zeitweilig etwas aktualisiert. Aber so kennen wir unsere bezaubernde Roshi, immer süss und nett, und immer etwas unberechenbar. Ich vermisse Dich.... Hubi
Roshana's schedule would be a mystery even for Einstein ahahahaha
But one thing is sad, that her schedule is always such a big secret and
no one knows when she come back.
you are right about everything. I subscribe your every word.
We want the best for Roshana, is all.
Hi pipetto, hi maxdru,
I have often said to roshi, you will be hotter every day. I did not mean that very seriously, but now I know I was right. The shows lately, were so hot, from the temperature, near the hellfire. This enchanting dream woman will always surprise us positively and keep us in her spell. I am looking forward to all that will come. And I am sure, on this magical creature, we will all still have much joy in future, in every day she will be here. she's always kindly and she's an angel. best regards. Hubi
yes pippetto i will always be with her because with time i have learned to respect her and not for her beauty but for her kindness her education and her availability and above all because she is an authentic person..............roshana is not bought
hi, ich find es klasse das du dich von show zu show steigern tust. egal was manche schreiben, du bist eine sehr schöne frau und wirst weiter deine treue fangemeinschaft haben wenn du so weiter machst. auch ich als dein fan gestehe, anfangs deine show als nicht so gut empfunden zu haben. aber deine show mit der rose war gut und auch ihr geld wert.
Hi Max,
i always appreciate her as a model and much further i always respect her as a much more than it seems...
and Max... believe me when i say, that hurt her is the last thing i want to do.
Many others here should be ashamed of themselves ...and leave it at that...because i'm trying not to get scurvy...
Max... i'm not taking it out on you...because you are sincere with her like me.
Well, this is as far as I go.
Roshana...the ones you love are always with you.
i am pleased that you now begin to appreciate roshana..... i've always told you that as roshana there is only roshana
sono d accordo su tutto. ieri sera bello spettacolo di roshana. Speriamo continui cosi !!
Hi Odessa... last night you've missed simply...Roshana!
Finally free to do what we like most....And long may she continue!
We want her to be successful and we want to celebrate her success together.
What did I miss last night? Do we know when Roshana will be back and was last night a special show that won't happen again? I have not seen her making a hot show yet, everyone seems so excited and I want to appreciate Roshana as well.
I agree with you when you say that in PVT she makes a fantastic show, when i was with her in PVT i appreciated it.
And that's why i can't stand seeing such this precious time go wasted.
You say "where is the problem?" ....Every time TWO HOURS OF CHATTING in PVT with the same spectator for me is the problem....NO performance..The show lasts only three hours.
So i'm not criticizing her but the outcome....extreme boredom...annoyance...loss of money and viewers.
Last night was different, okay? There! Isn't that better?
Yes, I think it is. I enjoyed it very much.
I am... Respectfully, Pippetto.
I really do not understand what you always have to criticize at roshi. She obviously has a spectator with whom she usually only talks. where is the problem? Ok in this time it is boring and money turning to go to peek mode. But I can say, always when I was with her in private mode, she makes a fantastic show. Hot and cuddly, exciting and breathtaking, always friendly, always uncomplicated, always a great pleasure. best regards. Hubi

Tonight Roshana has taken the field, and this crowd is going crazy of happiness!
I mean, hats off to you.
Every spend half of your time in the shows only chatting with the same user in pvt...
It has been being for 5 months....i'm wrong?
i spoke with other collegues , they also have viewers who want different things. To accuse me of not making show in prvt is totally wrong, with different viewers i make different things.
...but obviously you don't want to handle the shows gets ruined..
...but nobody makes NO show in PVT...
You can hadle it if you want to...
guys , i dont have alwys the time to read all the words written for me, but i just wanted to say - please do not blame me for the lenght of the private shows it is up to the viewer, and every viewer has specific taste. on free nobody makes show. i can participate in longer shows and the evidence of that is the events with Regina or my prevoius work at another place. thank you and kisses Roshi
You can bet on it! It's always the same story...
CHAT CHAT CHAT CHAT in PVT after two shows...
she minds her own business...while "ATM" pays...
And the real show gets shorter and shorter...and repetitive
hi pippetto as fa as pvt hours are concerned i have already expressed my opinion in my previous post as for roshana's presence, i think this is a job where girls come when they have time or when they want to, or at least i think it work like that (i have never followed such kind of chat before now) if last night she was not likely to have to do more interesting things...with this i do not want to justify roshana but i think i'm realistic when i say that she can not be at my disposal( let's always remember that for the girls this is a job ) i did not claim on her.......i take what she give me ...that's all . ciao pippetto i like talking with you
Hi Max.
She's dumped us yesterday.
This happens more often, doesn't it?
Hours of "Phone box" arranged in PVT...Schedule deliberately never updated...
Justify it all you want..but i think that we are being played for fools by her
as i have already writen in my previous post also i would like to have roshana all for me but i understand that here we are in many to want to talk with her and want to see her, so i take it a bit apart to leave it other too. probably this person does not understand this thing so i think that roshana can not blame for that . ciao
hi guys at the end roshana what can do if this person calls her and keeps her in pvt an hour and half or two hours just to speak she can not send him away ( something she would never do with any of us ) this person should be moderating but probably does not understand it ....ciao.... un bacio x te roshi
Odessa, she is here in Seventeen for only the old eurotic tv be precise...for some of them!
It has been being for 5 months that it keeps on CHATTING for hours in PVT with the same person.
There have been some complaints...but she won't hear like this..They'll probably be glad when they'll be alone.
The pattern of the show is alway the same (2 strips in PVT and then dedicated "aftershow" in PVT)....nothing will change and she's OK with it.
Actually, she doesn't care at all what we say.
I don't like open legs show!

ollaw, I said similar on 2017-07-19 14:23:31 below, to her credit Roshana replied and then started her show without make-up. She is actually a naturally beautiful lady, and in my opinion should do her shows with minimum make-up, and only apply it if asked in PVT or VIP or a Tip Target is reached, because for close camera work looking natural is better on a webcam to me, plus she is more beautiful without the make-up. I have to admit, Roshana impressed me when she took on the feedback and appeared naturally. I hope she considers the other feedback too, to use TIP TARGETS and TICKET SHOWS for tame free to air nude shows, and make pussy shows in PVT and VIP. Of course she might already do this in VIP, I haven't found out, but PVT peeking seems to only reveal chatting. I have not given up on Roshana like some, because she seems to be prepared to listen to comments and adapt, and I have realised I should have had more respect for her. I hope she relaxes soon and makes the shows I want (I assume many others do too), then I will have to top-up credits and get to know her much better.
I just switched over to Regina Roshana's friend . She has all what R. doesn't have . Great body ,, nice face , wonderfull pussy that she shows through the show . Spread legs at it's best . It's difficult not to explode . She deliveres what is wanted and why should one pay for fashion shows . And the price is reasonable .
more than TWO HOURS of "phone box" in be precise....
this is ridiculous...but obviously that's okay
All right, love, that's enough!
Once again...over an hour of "phone call" in PVT!!
I feel like they were both playing me.
I don't not following you anymore.
wann bist du wieder online? wäre schön dich bald wieder sehen zu können
Schedule in this page it is useful like the fork to eat the broth
every time new dresses - awesome miss roshana - kisses

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