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"sweet    adventurous    joyful    sociable    sensitive    romantic    sensual    flexible with body    creative    sporty"

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Cross - a symbol to understand and bring to life

Many believers wear symbols of the religion they belong to. Christians wears a cross, by means of which they intend to assert their faith, to insure the protection of heaven, or to favour their evolution. In reality, a simple cross has never saved anyone from sickness or sin. If people do not work in depth on their thoughts and feelings, the cross will neither transform nor protect them. The cross is a cosmic symbol which must be considered and studied with the greatest respect. It is fine to wear a cross if its meaning is understood; otherwise the symbol works against the person who wears it. In the presence of the cross, all evolved beings experience a sacred thrill, but before wearing it, they must strive to go deeper into its meaning, or what good will it do? Those who wear a cross without attempting to understand it and bring it to life within themselves not only fail to benefit from it but walk toward suffering and death.


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