August Summer Sticker Queen & King - Week 4

This year’s Summer is going to be pretty great. We have prepared a big Sticker contest and are going to be giving away great prizes, too!

How does it work?
Starting with 1st of August until the August 31st all of our models will be competing to get the highest number of stickers to win one of the prizes, so be sure to visit your favorite girls as often as possible to see what they have to offer for customers that cover them in stickers. Remember, every sticker counts!

What can we win?
Every Friday the Weekly Sticker Queen will be announced and will receive a bonus of 100 credits! The weekly Sticker King will receive free 100 credits!
On Friday, September 1, the overall Sticker Queen will be announced! She will receive a bonus of 100 credits and the endless sticker glory.

Wait... There must be some rules to this, right?
The week queen can only win once. This is to make sure other girls have a fair chance as well. Same thing for the weekly sticker king, he can only win once.

On this page you can view the current standings and after the 31st of August the final results of the Sticker contest. Our models are ready for the summer – are you?